Sunday, March 11, 2018

Come join me in Wisconsin for Story quilts!

I want to say right off the bat that a woman who was coming to my retreat in Spokane in June has to have surgery. So I have ONE opening for my retreat and trip to Farm Chicks and to Coeur d'Alene and many other great bonus's to the story quilt workshop. If you want in do it NOW.    You can probably find out more info on Look for the word retreat.

 Tina Neppl is still working on a quilt about her boys and her husband at the beach. It has the borders and is cool.
 So If you live in the Midwest or East or west come and join me here.
This is a beautiful retreat center in Wisconsin that the other teachers who have taught there say is wonderful! I have some new handouts and new quilts to show and tiaras to give out. :0) Come and join us for the fun!
 The quilt above was done By Kathy from Modesto. It is darling and this photo does not do it justice.
 Above Sandy from Montana got a first place ribbon from her Italy quilt. People LOVE story quilts as do the judges. Many win first place ribbons.
The book above is available only from me at www.  I might mention too that there are some not to be missed Alexander Henry prints you won't find other places. They sell out too fast in shops. :0)
I thought this was funny and clever. 

 A clever way to do Foxglove flowers for a story quilt. :0)
 Above, Mari Linfesty did this pretty floral quilt. It is beautiful quilted. Mari is very talented.
 The photo above is Part of my Goodbye and Hello quilt.  When my husband died I was so sad and needed something to care for. I got six chickens (they are in the house window that you cannot see). It was good to get up and have to feed them and check on them during the day. Some people get a dog or a cat. Not me, I chose chickens. :0)

 A border of a quilt I want to do about baking with my Granddaughters. Love the borders. They are fun  and give you time to think about what your story is. Or could be.

My quilt called Party Cats.....What can I say? It's happy!
 This quilt is owned by Del Thomas for her collection. This is just a portion. It is all about Pacific Grove and Asilomar.
 Betty above made this quilt about her parents coming over from China. She has the papers included and beautiful photos of them. It is FULL of history and a real prize. Anyone would love to own this historic quilt. It gives many ideas of what they could do for their story.

 The lady above is Pam Dransfelt's Mother who has passed away. When she was in a care facility this quilt hung next to her on the wall. Her husband is in a care facility now and this wonderful quilt is hanging next to him. Woudln't you love a family quilt wo continue bringing joy that tells of someone you love?

 This quilt is in the collection of Marie Brown. It is titled Quilters Retirement Home. It was very fun to make and see how it turned out. :0)
Below my hippie/60's quilt. was fun to do. It is huge.
Sandi Henschels trip with her Mother and many adventures.
I do not recall whose wonderful quilt this is below. It sure is fun though! Hope she reads my blog.

Again,. I am not sure whose quilt this is. I take the photo and have no information and my memory is gone. It is so frustrating. Anyway isn't this a great quilt about a fisherman?

 Below is the story of my Grandparents who lived in British Columbia. I had wonderful times there at their home.
The quilt below was made by Janice from Houston about her friend Ann from Copenhagen. Isn't it darling? I wish it was mine!!
This was made by Charlotte (one of the Bunny Sisters. It is a story of her husband painting and his nephew playing music to paint by. Note the mice!!

 Freddy Moran and I worked on the quilt below. She did the border and I appliques and designed the story.
A silly little scare crow girl for fun. I sold it so it is living with someone else now. I am not sure who.

 The quilt below is one of my favorite. It was copied from my Granddaughter's drawing at age seven. It is whimsical and very sweet. I love the words that are mispelled.

 The quilts above and below are made by Larua and Charlotte who are the famous "Bunny Sisters." They have made more story quilts than anyone I know....except for me. :0) Actually I am pretty sure Laura made both of these but I wanted to mention Charlotte who makes one when Laura does.

 A pattern from one of my books. It is fun to see how people take a pattern and do their version. I love this.
Below is my scarecrow I did years ago. He is pretty fun and I love pumkins and Autumn colors.
 Sometimes I just make a quilt about me that does not look like me but inside she is what I feel like. I love chickens and cool earrings and mascara. :0)
If you would like to see more photos join me on Facebook at Mary Lou Donahue Weidman. I just put on three posts  with many many story quilts. :0)
So Until I figure out how to get my newest photos loaded on here hope you enjoyed these story quilts and the talented girls who did them.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Were YOU in my spam file?

Hi friends. Last year I was attacked by some virus and it took a couple weeks (actually more) and I had no idea. So for months people I knew well we’re writing to means their letters went right to spam (which I never look at). So I decided to clean out old files and when I got to the spamfileI assumed I could delete lots of junk easily. Instead I found friends and guild letters that were thrown into spam. Severap people wrote me more than three times and not only good friends but people Che King with me on behalf of their guilds. I had NO idea.My own cousin is barely speaking to
Me because she thought I was ignoring her.I wasn’t!
So if you wrote and thought I did not write to you,this is why.
Thank you for understanding.
           Mary Lou

Monday, January 15, 2018

January and then Heading towards Valentines... I LOVE HEARTS!!

Happy New Year! Can you believe it? What happened to 2017? I have never had a year go by so very fast! I stayed home for half the year to rest and to sew and to create. It flew by! I start back on the road teaching the end of February. Can't wait!
My word for the year is "BEGIN." Something holds people back from beginning a quilt they would really like to do and it gets put off. I am hoping you begin what you need to this year! I am beginning many ideas and will finish them before the year is out! 
     I have only two openings to my retreat here in June. It filled fast this year. If you have not visited Washington State or Idaho this is a fun chance as we have two field trips and one of them is to Farm Chicks that is an art and collectible show. Lots of cool stuff for sale and great ideas. We will be visiting at least two maybe there great shops and we will be earing at the Coeur d'Alene Hotel which is on the water and delicious and beautiful too. The big thing is you come and can start a story quilt about you or someone you love or a place you lived or visited and you will learn Mary Lou's Easy piecing borders. We have girls from every part of our country coming. Get a friend and sign up for our last two spots!

The hearts above are from a class I taught and show the variety you can have with hearts for fun! There is nothing cuter than a heart quilt! Lovely white backgrounds and reds and pinks make for a darling quilt. I had one I sold and wish I had taken a photo first! What child would not love their name in the middle of a group of happy hearts? Even I would so I guess you can be young at heart too!

 Isn't this cat and hearts quilt the cutest? And with a word like smile it is a great reminder that life is happy and smiling makes everyone happy!These patterns are in my "Hoochy Two-chy book available on my website at

 I think this clay creation about is awesome and would inspire anyone don't you? I saw it and had to share with with you!
 One of my pieced flower power quilts that is creative and fun to play with! You could space these out more and probably do two quilts with all of these blocks but I wanted to show different ideas that were in the Hoochy Two-chy book.
 I have just started putting quilts of mine and old blocks and pieces that I have collected. I am going to sell my house one of these days and I need to clear out my collections. There will be all kinds of stuff comeing on there and we are just getting started taking photots etc. Right now there is a quilt from my first book of a Mother and her kids and it has a story around the outside of an alien visiting that you can see in the window. It is for sale and it is really a cute quilt.
Keep checking back for other things and the cute fabrics we are offering. They are hard to find as I buy Alexander Henry fabrics which fly out of shops and most people never get the chance to see them! 
       I am going to work at making this year productive and I am going to give to the homeless as I have for years and hopefully I a going to volunteer to help those that are trying to make better lives for themselves and their kids. I want to make my life happy and those of my kids and friends and remember those less fortunate.
     I am thankful to be a quilter, a teacher and to have made the best friends anyone could. What a wonderful and happy hobby. 
What are you doing this year to make a difference in your life and the life of others?  NOTE- I will pick five comments out of a hat and send you a nice surprise if you add your comment here!!
Share your smile with others this month!

I know many people LOVED this recipe so I am sharing it again here! ENJOY!
Mary Lou's Overnight French Toast Strata with Berries -Delish!
Serves lots of people   - I use a larger than 12" x 15" inch baking dish (grease with butter
one large loaf or two smaller loaves of sour dough bread. I use larger loaves and just keep filling the pan until it is pretty full up. Cut up into nice bite sized pieces. drop in pan.
      In a separate bowl, add a dozen large eggs and whip them up with
1 and 1/4 cup whole milk
3/4 cup whip cream
1/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup honey
1 teaspoon vanilla
make sure it is all mixed together well.
Now pour this over your bread. I always check to make sure it is really all wet and covered since this is what holds it together and makes it delish. It depends on the bread. So if it looks like it need s a little more, I miss a little egg with some more milk and add it to the part that needs more.
By the way, I cook like I sew. Out of the Box (but it's delish!)
    NOW, add these things in another clean bowl
1/2 cup flour
1 stick of BUTTER (not margarine)
1/2 cup of dark brown sugar
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
 1/4 teaspoon of allspice
Couple dashes of salt
1/2 cup chopped pecans and a 1/3 cup of whole pecans or so.
I used to mix this together with a fork but I found if I used my fingers it works much better and when you go to mix in the nuts it works well and evenly distributes them.
    Now take that and lay in in pieces all over the top of your bread.
Toss it in the refrig overnight covered with foil.
    The next day heat up the oven to 350 and stick it in for an hour.
Take it out when done and use a fork to make the topping spread evenly.  Now before you serve it take blueberries, strawberries and raspberries and serve along side with a bowl of whipping cream, maple syrup and blueberry syrup.
Everyone fixes it the way they want and there is NO leftovers. The berries are so good on there!
Not that much effort and worth every bit!

My new chicken lady quilt I will be taking on the road to show you!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Mary Lou's KIT for people who LOVE whimsy and fun!!

What could be better and quicker than a KIT from Mary Lou to fuse and make for Halloween?
Order this at
It is filled with wonderful Autumn prints , background, sashing, and Alexander Henry fabric that is darling as well as great shell buttons, trims, ric rack and other fun things. It went fast when I made it and the kids LOVE it.
Cost? $48. for a bag filled with whimsy and some candy too! A win win.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Help-Looking for Blocks from my book- please

I am swamped! I am creating new quilts and redoing old patterns in new ways and I have a kit that will be out next week with 8 darling patterns, trims, background, cool border and binding. Just wait until you see the fun!
    So anyway many of my good friends ordered the book from me right away.
If you are willing to make a block for me out of the new book, I will send you the Scarecrow pattern, the Big Dots book and a fat quarter of fabric! I hope to get enough blocks to put together a dog  and cat quilt, a basket quilt and a quilt of other blocks you might want to send.
Please use a light pale blue or a light pale green background.  Think jello colors for the things in the block. My fabric it kaffe fabric or something pretty like grunge would work well. Animals of grunge would be cool.
You have no idea how I would appreciate this!!
Please make your block 12"
Or larger and most things are not square they are rectangles. So it would be like 12" x 16" for an example. Or larger. Please do not send me a teeny block as it would not fit in the quilt as well. 👍😊

Here is an example of a large basket I did from the book but you can make up your own basket and it can be smaller and different. Notice I used a soft blue for the background. This basket is filled and yours does not have to be.

There are bird patterns, flower patterns etc. I have kept. a list of those who bought my book. If you want to buy it and get these extras then go to my website at and I will send you a whole packet of goodies and the book.

Here is a raccoon from the book made by Mari  Linfesty at my retreat. She made six and they are adorable. 

Just some of the flowers in there.

A chicken, a boat, a turkey, a cat, dog heads, cat heads, and loads of other things.
Thank you for considering helping me with this! Sincerely you are so appreciated! ❤️❤️❤️
Send the block to 
Mary Lou Weidman
2406 S. Dishman-Mica Rd, Suite 5, Spokane Valley, Wa 99206

Today I went to the local farmers market. I eat mostly fruits and vegetables now and this seemed like a gold mo e if low cost veggies. Heaven!

And the flowers! Oh heavenly colors and scents!!

Chard and carrots that were so lovely


Beets of many different colors!

Mire and more and more flowers!

The flowers I bought! I have not had flowers for years.

Loads of every Kind of flower you can imagine and lovely people selling them!!

What Joy flowers create!!

I made two if these quilts and traded one for batting and sold the second one to pay for Marks medical bills. I'd like to do another because it is so happy!!

I am working on sewing the binding down on this third self portrait I did. I loved e folk art and I love color and fun!
People ask me how the faces are quilted. Kathleen Wood quilts for me and here is an up close Quilting of both the face and the neck. 
I have a handout in my self portrait workshops for this. And by the way it is a self portrait of who you feel you are on that day! It is the essence of how you feel and not what you look like on the outside. 

This lady has a lot of lines. The Quilting depends on the shape I made the face.

There are different rules with horizontal and vertical lines depending on the face. It's fun!!

My latest story quiltvis embellished and now I am adding dates and places that describe how my husband and I met, our favorite foods and places and info about our houses and our kids. All done in black perked cotton. A diary piece. I am Loving it!!
    Thank you fir visiting and I would love a block of yours to add to the quilts I plan to show as I travel and also to hang in my studio window if I get enough. The free scarecrow is darling, the free fabric is new and cool and the Big Dots book might inspire you too!
       Share your smile with someone who does not have one. A happy and kind world is a better world.